My Chrome Theme - My Favorite New Chrome Extension

I have just found a couple of new Google Chrome extensions that I am absolutely in love with. The first one is called  "My Chrome Theme", and it's available free in the Chrome Store. This extension makes it super easy to design your own theme in minutes.

I've been using Chrome as my primary browser for the past few years, but was always stuck using only the themes that are available on the Chrome store. There are other sites with themes available, but I've had some problems with those, and I don't always have time to go searching for a new theme as often as I like changing them.

I was often dissatisfied with the choices available, and thought about making my own. The only problem is that directions for making a theme were a bit convulated, and well, just more technical than I wanted them to be. I just didn't feel up to learning so much just to make a Chrome theme.

Sometimes even just searching for new graphics and changing the themes and backgrounds in everything can take a bit of time. Even so, I love changing them for holidays, seasons and special events, and I like to coordinate them, especially with color schemes.

This usually involves changing my computer wallpaper & user icon, my phone wallpaper, my Chrome theme, Yahoo Mail & Gmail themes, and Yahoo home page. Sometimes I change others too, but these are the ones I update regularly.

Well, I was so excited recently to discover an extension that makes it really simple to make your own Chrome theme. I had tried one in the past, but trying to use the extension was almost as difficult as following the Google directions.

Happily,  "My Chrome Theme" makes it easy to design your own theme in minutes:
1. Click on Start Making Theme.
2. Import Your Image (Upload or Webcam)
3. If uploaded, then Adjust Image (Fit, Fill, Tile, Custom)
4. Add Some Color (New Tab, Background Tabs, Frame Color). Just   click on color swatches or I'm Feeling Lucky.
5. Click on Create Theme.
6. Install theme if desired or save for later.
Here are some spring themes I made in just a few minutes. Seriously, I made all of five of these in just a few minutes (including the one at the top of the post):

Another fun extension I've been playing with is called Loupe/Shape Your Photos, which is one of many different apps and programs available out there that you can use to make shaped collages from your pictures, but I've been enjoying this one for the ease of use, animations when forming the collages, and the inspiration gallery. Here are a couple of examples from the gallery. I've only played around with it a little bit so far, but it's been fun. I just need a little time to spend being more creative.

Finally, I've add Pixler Editor, which I'm still not sure about, but am trying out as a replacement for the soon-to-be-closed down Picnik:


  1. What a neat tutorial. I need simple explanations!

    Thanks for sharing this, I might give it a go.

  2. You're welcome! It was really, really easy.

    I'm so glad you commented here, so that I was forced to come back and edit. I need to go up there and take care of some excessive commas, lol.

    My sister has admonished me for publishing without proofing, but I was trying to blog several posts one night very late while everyone was sleeping, and was trying to get content out.

    When I do that, I start to type like I talk, lol.


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