Spring Break With The Grandparents

Baba, Miss Sunshine, Baby Moon and I have spent the past several days in Ohio with my parents.  We also got to spend a couple of days with my sister, Dr. Smartypants, who I sometimes only see once or twice a year. She is a chiropractor who is no longer in private practice, but is now a college professor. She lives a couple of states away and has a busy schedule, and I'm juggling two little ones and couldn't travel much last year with my high-risk pregnancy, so for either of us to make the six hour drive isn't always easy to do.

On Sunday we all had dinner at Mom & Dad's with my Grandma, Aunt, one Cousin and two of her children.

Monday, we all went for a ride to about three different towns and two counties to see the homes where my parents grew up, as well as a couple that I lived in as a child. We also went to visit my cousin's wife's coffee shop and got some fun beverages. Hot Earl Grey tea for Baba, a Hot Chocolate  Hot "Mocha" for Miss Sunshine, and Iced Mocha for me, a Hot White Chocolate "Peeps" Mocha for Mom, and a Mixed Berry Smoothie for Dad. After that, we visited an old, small cemetery where my grandfather and great grandparents are buried.

Then we went to the Mennonite owned country market/bulk foods store -- which we lovingly refer to as "the Amish store, even though we know full well the owners and employees are Mennonite. Oh well, you often see Amish shopping there too.

Before heading home, we stopped at the park and Miss Sunshine enjoyed a bit of swinging, sliding, and playing on the merry-go-round in the brisk weather.

On Tuesday, Baba and I hit the surplus store and picked up parts for mowers and lawn equipment, and a couple of other random things they had.

Today, we went to Crossroads Original Designs Factory Store in Bucyrus and picked up some candles. I chose a Spring Garden candle for the upstairs, and Baba chose Balsam Fir for the Cowboy Room (aka the basement family room). We picked up a Buttered Maple Syrup scented candle for BIL (Brother-In-Law). I have one, and it smells soooo good, but makes me too hungry!  Mom chose a Lavender & Herb, and I also picked up a half dozen votive candles in different scents I wanted to try out. Thank you Baba!

Tomorrow at some point we're heading back to Michigan so that we'll have the rest of the weekend for Miss Sunshine to finish up her homework, practice for the Kindergarden Spelling Bee, and just sort of get back into sync at home before going back to school on Monday. It also gives Mommy some time to do laundry and buy groceries to get ready for the coming week.

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