My Family

I'm currently a Stay-At-Home-Mom and have two young children who are my miracle babies born late in life after decades of infertility. Before starting my family, I taught Environmental Education and Outdoor Education for about ten years. I worked with students of all ages, from Pre-Shcool to Adult, but primarily at the Fourth Grade level. I was also a teaching assistant in the Spanish department at my university, and student taught first grade. In addition to teaching, I'm interested in becoming a Doula and a Reiki practitioner.  

Though I mostly taught science, my concentrations are in English & Literature and Social Sciences, with specializations in Children's and Young Adult literature. I dream of owning a children's bookstore specializing in bilingual books.

I'll be celebrating my seventh anniversary to my sweet hubby in March. "Baba" is a refugee from Iraq who came to the United States in 2002.  He was a political asylee being protected for dissent against the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi military (he served in the Army for four years and fought in two wars). After fleeing Iraq, he lived as a refugee in Jordan for nine years before he was able to emigrate to the U.S.  Unfortunately, he arrived in the spring after 9/11, so his road to resettlement hasn't always been easy. Happily, he became a citizen in January, 2011.

Our children are "Miss Sunshine", who is five years old and a big girl going to Kindergarden.  "Baby Moon" was born in September, 2011. Miss Sunshine was born just one month before I turned 41, and Baby Moon was born the day after my 46th birthday. 

Miss Sunshine considers herself a bit of a "fashionista" and has many interests.  She is bilingual in English and Arabic (but better in English) and is learning bits of Spanish as her third language. She's very bright and precocious, and is gifted in language, having spoken in full and complete sentences by age one.

Baby Moon is progressing as I'd expect, and also seems quite bright and alert (his sister says he has sparkly eyes). He's very tactile and interested in touching, caressing and scratching everything he can get his hands on. He has an adorable crooked grin that's difficult to capture on film, and is very, very bouncy!  I think he's going to be an early talker too, as he's quite verbal and expressive and already communicating well. Like Miss Sunshine, he's learning Baby Signs, and is trying to make the sign for "milk."

On her way to school on a "free dress" day.
Weirdly, I just noticed that her clothes coordinate with her booster seat.
In her school uniform and sweater.

Dodging the paparazzi.

Mama's sweet little guy. He seems to want to tell me something.
Trying to catch that crooked little smile.
Awww, it looks like he's blowing mama a kiss.

Baba and Miss Sunshine at the Memorial Day Parade in Dearborn.

Baba and his babies. He's a very attentive and hands-on father.
Baba and his boy. He waited a long time for this.

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