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The name of the background I'm (currently) using for this blog is "Sharing Sunshine," and I found it at Cutest Blog On The Block. I chose it because it's simple but a bit colorful, and reminds me of my inspiration board for the children's room redo I'm working on, with lots of neutrals (beige/white) accented with rainbow colors, and a variety of sunshine, moon, rainbows, trees and birdies art.

For a couple of years it will be a shared girl/boy room, with a very young girl and infant boy, so I want colors that will go with both children, and I want everything that I may eventually put in there to coordinate.

Also, I love singing "You Are My Sunshine" to my babies. I often call my daughter sunshine, so we starting calling the baby 'moon.' She says mama is the earth, because I'm a Virgo -- which I've described to her as Mother Earth/the earth mother -- because I'm not even going to attempt explaining virginity yet!

Anyway, I was trying to find some cute, sunshiney graphics to use as an avatar, and decided to Google "sharing sunshine' and clicked images. Well, I don't know why I was surprised, but I saw several other blogs using this theme, and thought it would be fun to add them here. There are some very different sites that have chosen the same theme.

"Sharing Sunshine" Blogs:

2 Moms Talk
Not the same background, but it's featured there -- because it's the blog for The Cutest Blog On The Block website.

A teacher blog.

Makeup tips, perfume & scents, personal care.

Writing blog.


Couponing tutorials and frugal living.

A girl who is a student at Trisakti University in Indonesia.

Challenges to use up scrapbooking scraps.

A pregnancy blog.

Craft tutorials including paper and photographs.

Photography blog.

Scrapbooking blog.

Personal blog.

Special needs children for adoption.

Personal blog.

Family blog.

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  1. Hi! LOVE the name of your blog! I'm from the A-Z challenge. Thought I'd stop by the lucky 13s on the list (I'm 1013) and say hello. Looking forward to reading more from you in April!

    1. Hi Daisy, and thanks for the compliment! I've been having fun with the name too :) I'm glad you like it, because I was little worried that it sounded to...average.

      Visiting all of the lucky 13s is a great idea. Now I just need to come up with a method for visiting and commenting!

  2. Hi there! Stopping through as I cruise down the AZ Challenge list! I live in Ohio! I'm a miracle-making mom, too! :) Come say hi!

    1. Hi Betsy, GO BUCKS, WOOHOO :D OK, I just have to do that because it can be lonely here in Michigan for we OSU alumni :)


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