When Bad Things Happen To Good Kitchens

 While cleaning the kitchen today, I happened upon a couple of interesting finds. The first was this clementine in a jar:

I've been saving glass jars for future crafts and projects.  I'd put a few into a bag and set them aside beneath the work table until I took them down to the basement to store them. When I picked up the bag, there was only one jar, and inside was this clementine.

It looked pretty, and interesting, but I didn't put it there. I was pretty sure this was the work of Rosie.

When I opened the jar, it let out a soft 'whoosh' -- it had been well sealed. It also let out a scent of mildew. I guess I thought it would smell like clementine. I was wrong.

It didn't look rotten at all. No visible mildew, no rotting, no weeping. No wrinkling or shriveling. It looked almost perfect, except for the smell.

I asked Rosie if she put it in the jar, and saw the hesitation and the lie forming on her face. She seemed at a loss for words, and since this was a pretty minor incident, I gave her a little help. I didn't want her to feel like she was in trouble, I was just interested in knowing what was going on in her mind.

So I asked her, "Were you doing an experiment or something?"  To which she replied, "No, I was just saving it. You said things last longer if we put them in jars."

Well, duh Mommy, you should have known!

Then there was this strangely squished water bottle  ? ? ?   I'm not sure who did this or why. Or why they felt the need to leave a squished up bottle 2/3 full of water under the work station. I didn't ask Rosie, because I have a feeling this was done by an adult male.

On to the dining room, and when I started to pick up this hat (a ladybug hat crocheted by my mom), I found the strings of this toy tied on to the side.  It's a little light up thing she got at the gift shop of the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor a couple weeks ago. I have no idea why it's like this, and I didn't bother to ask.

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