My Kitchen Nightmares - The Sink

No, not with Gordon Elliot revamping a restaurant suffering from an outdated menu, shabby decor and management resistant to change, but the kind of nightmare I face in my own kitchen every day. With only slightly less cussing.

I have a 'vintage' kitchen. That's how real estate agents say that the kitchen in my house didn't get updated at some point in the past five decades like every other kitchen in my neighborhood. That's how I delude myself that it's quaint and kitschy instead of inefficient and difficult to clean.

I have a love/hate relationship with my kitchen sink. I love that it's a double sink that's deep and wide, deep enough that I can completely submerge a dutch oven to soak and wash, but I hate that the finish is so damaged that it always looks stained and dirty.

 Most of these stains are caused by tea, so even if they weren't so porous, the tea would still stain, I've had that in the past with other sinks, but the difference is in the cleaning.  My other sinks would clean up easily by a quick scrubbing with scouring powder, but that just doesn't work with these sinks. It seems like no matter how much I let it soak, and how much elbow grease I use, it just doesn't penetrate into all the cracks and pores, so I just fill them up with hot water and bleach and let them soak for a few minutes. It's not really that hard, it doesn't take too much work, no scrubbing, just pouring bleach and filling, then letting them sit while I go do something else.  The problem is just trying to keep up with it every few days or so, or else it just looks terrible, and starts to look bad again just hours after I bleach it.

I also use this time to put other things in that need to be cleaned or bleached, from coffee cups to kid's toys.

Today it was tableware:

Then utensils and the Pampered Chef utensil merry-go-round: 

And finally, it's relatively stain free, if only for a little while:

I've been thinking about refinishing them, either DIY or professionally, as a temporary fix until a distant ktichen remodel, but both options seem to have mixed reviews, so I'm not sure if I might end up with a worse problem than I started out with.

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