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It's Girl Scout Cookie Time! When I was a Girl Scout in the 1970's, we sold cookies door-to-door, and I'm so glad those days are over! Knowing what we know today, it seems so much safer!  I know many people ponder "what is wrong with the world these days" as if dangers to children are something new, but sadly, they're not.  We are just able to hear about them more easily in our newer technology based global lifestyles.  Luckily, we have for the most part learned from the past, and take better precautions with our children.

Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies
Gotta Have Thin Mints!
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I really enjoy some of the new "Drive-Thru Cookie Stations" that have popped up in the past few years, at least in my area, I'm not sure if this is a national concept or not. In addition to setting up tables at stores, many troops now set up in the parking lot of a school or a community center, and stage it so that cars can drive into the parking lot, line up, then drive up to the tables to order and pay for their cookies. Yay! I've been in some lines that are so busy, the scouts make runs through the lines to take orders, deliver cookies and collect the money, something on the order of carhops. This method is convenient and much safer, and by the looks of it, very lucrative. It has to be much more effective than going door-to-door, or getting your parents to take your order forms to work.
COSI from across the Scioto River.
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Growing up, Girl Scouts were a huge part of my life, starting as a Brownie when my mom and aunt were my troop leaders.  I participated in scouts on some level or another throughout school all the way until my senior year in high school.  I particularly loved going to big council meetings in the nearest large city, Columbus, Ohio, when we stayed at hotels downtown and got to choose the different seminars we took. Attending the big banquets and dances felt so grown up. I also enjoyed all the weekends that we volunteered at COSI, the Center of Science and Industry Museum. My favorite area to work in was always "The Streets of Yesteryear."  On those weekends, though, we usually slept in sleeping bags on the floors of community centers, school gymns and union halls, more on the order of a "Rally."

I'm really looking forward to Rosie starting Girl Scouts, and so is she. I'm also really looking forward to my yearly splurge on Thin Mints, there are no others that taste just quite the same.
Here is an online cookie locator. You can just pop in your zip code, and find all the locations in your area. Make sure to use the drop down menu to put in the mile radius that you'd like to search if you're not getting many results:


They've also released an app for the iPhone:

Girl Scout app finds nearest cookies in your neighborhood
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