Back From Emergency Surgery Blogging Break

Well, it has been just about six weeks or so since I've blogged or done anything here with Miracle Makin' Mommy.  About the the time that I did my last post, I had been feeling really sick, and a couple weeks later, on May 10, I ended up having an emergency appendectomy.

I'd actually been feeling sick for much longer, but for the last couple weeks before I went to Urgent Care, it had been coming more acute. I was barely getting anything done.  Now, upon reflection, I wonder if that was part of my inability to get much blogging done during April.

In fact, looking back, I'm thinking that I'd been having appendicitis throughout my pregnancy, that was contributing to the severe sickness I'd felt while pregnant, and that did not go away after the baby was born.  I read that many women develop appendicitis during pregnancy.  In fact, my BFF had both her gall bladder and appendix removed during one of her pregnancies.

Anyway, it finally reached the "acute" pain stage where I could no longer pass it off as pregnancy sickness, post-pregnancy sickness, flu, stomach virus, or anything else. In fact, the night I decided I would finally go in to the doctor the next morning, I was barely able to sleep. As I got dressed to go to the doctor, my pain was becoming so severe that I decided to go to Urgent Care instead, as there was one much closer to my house than my Primary Care Physician's office, and I could get into earlier.

By the time I reached the office, I was barely able to walk in, but still sat and waited in the waiting room...but by the time I got into the examination office, I was running a fever and started convulsing. The doctor was pretty sure it was appendicitis, and had me transferred to the nearest Emergency Room.  Shortly afterward I had a CAT Scan, where it was confirmed, and an hour later I was in surgery. It all happened so fast, I barely knew what was happening.

The good news is that the hospital worked with me to pump and continue nursing Baby Moon, and with just one overnight stay (along with a late night daddy and baby visit to nurse), we had barely a blip in our nursing schedule.

Also, Baba was able to reach my parents while I was in the ER, and they were able to get to my house a few hours later from out of state in order to help with the children.

While they did the appendectomy, they also repaired a couple of hernias -- one larger one near my navel (probably from a previous surgery), and a smaller one on my lower abdomen.  That will probably go a long way to helping me feel better, but it's been somewhat painful the past few weeks with all of those deep tissue stitches in six different locations.

During my recovery period, I spent a few weeks taking pain meds that made me pretty drowsy, so I spent most of my time dozing off. In between naps, I tried to take care of the kids, keeping them fed, bathed and dressed. Well, to some degree anyway.

If I was awake and not taking care of anyone else, I pretty much just kicked back and relaxed and read a few books or played on my phone. It was just too painful and tiring to want to sit up at the computer much, and too uncomfortable to put the "laptop" on my lap!

Anyway, I'm starting to get the house and family back on to something like a normal schedule, although "normal" is ready for a little change with school being out and summer vacation beginning.

Although I still want the kids to be on something of a decent schedule, with plenty of summer activities planned, at least we can relax bed times and wake up times just a bit, and on most days we won't have to rush out of the house too early in the morning, even on the days that we have morning activities scheduled.

So I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging, back to sewing, and working on some new art, craft and home decor projects.  Some of those go hand-in-hand with some of the organizing I want to get done as well (closets, drawers, laundry room, etc).

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  1. Hi, Miracle Mommy,

    I just saw your comment about my BRIGGETY posting. As I wrote in the article I'd never heard anyone outside my family use the word until this weekend and a friend said it and I immediately pounced, "HOW do you spell that?" She said she realized she'd never SEEN the word, but her mother always said it. When I was researching it previously, I typed in "briggety" into google and found nothing! This past Monday I typed in "definition of briggety" and there it is! We are not alone! (I clicked on email on your site but could not get it to work. My e-mail is sue_raypole@hotmail.com) SUE RAYPOLE


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