May Day Fresh Start

May, along with the changing weather, is inspiring me to have a fresh start. On my blog and in my house. I just feel like sweeping away all the dust and freshening everything up.

On my blog, I tried to take part in a 30 day blog challenge, where you had to do a post a day beginning with or inspired by that day's letter of the alphabet.  At first it sounded fun and challenging. Ultimately it felt like work, and stifling. Instead of feeling challenged to be creative in my posts, I felt limited. Stuck trying to come up with ideas to fit the theme, but not really able to blog about the things I wanted to.

I mean, I could have blogged those posts as well...if only I had time. I just didn't have time to blog for both the challenge and myself.

I had hoped to catch up eventually. Instead I started avoiding my blog, it felt like a chore hanging over my head. Just looking at the posts made me feel blah. So on May 1st, I decided to just delete most references to it, and change my post titles. YAY, I feel like my blog is all fresh and clean. Now I've learned my lesson.

In my house, it has probably been more than a year since the whole house has been clean at one time! If you know me personally, you already know it's due to a high risk pregnancy with lots of time at the hospital, and now the first few months of nursing and caring for a newborn.  I try to keep up with the bare minimum sometimes, keeping the public rooms clean, but the rest always looks like hell.

Well, hubby FINALLY went down to the basement that he has been junking up for the past year. Well, almost, but he's getting there. Which means that I can get my part reorganized and cleaned up, and have a functioning basement again. And hopefully this summer, use it as my dream "summer kitchen."

I am so ready to get things really dusted and mopped and rearranged. I've given up on the concept of my usual "spring cleaning" (which I normally do 3-4 times a year, usually around holidays), you know, a good deep cleaning where you scrub all the walls and wash windows...I'm beyond that though. Just let every room in the house be uncluttered, organized, dusted, mopped and shined up all at once. That would be great.

If I get there, I can maybe try to worry about other stuff over the course of the summer, here and there. Washing curtains. Organizing closets. Washing windows. Redecorating.

Oh well, we'll see. I've set my deadline for Memorial Day Weekend. Or rather, by about the Thursday before. Then my parents will be here and we plan to...again I'll say FINALLY...do our vow renewal ceremony.

Oh, and then, I guess that means I can get a fresh, new May start to my marriage too :)  Which means I should probably not get annoyed with hubby so easily. Or be a little more patient with his impatience, or something. 

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