St. Patrick's Day Favorites Pinterest Roundup

I'd like to do something fun for Miss Sunshine on St. Patrick's Day. I usually make something special for dinner, some Irish food, or even "Irish Flavored" food, and something green for dessert. Now that she's five, I think this is a good time to do something really fun.

Unfortunately, I'm reaaallly pressed for time and money is a bit tight. I'm in the midst of planning our vow renewal ceremony, and with the time constraints of taking care of a still new baby, I just can't do anything too extravagant this year, even though there are lots of activities I've found on Pinterest that I'd love to do. Maybe in the future, like next year when there's no wedding and the baby is over one and will be able to play a bit more on his own.

So, I've tried to pick out some very simple and actually doable ideas that will make a little one really happy:

For our main meal, instead of some of the traditional corned beef and cabbage or Irish Stew, or even as I've done some other times, some sort of fish or salmon patties, I thought I might go a little bit more in a Scottish direction. I mean, hey, it's still Celtic, right?  It started out because I've been wanting to make some Scotch Eggs, and while searching out a good recipe, I came across another recipe for Scotch Broth, and I realized I hadn't made that for a long, long time, even though lamb and barley are both favorites around here. So here are my menu ideas:

I usually substitute beef, chicken or turkey for pork in recipes. When researching this recipe, I was amused to find out that although people most often make them with pork sausage, they were originally made from "Scotch beef" from the reddish, hairy Scottish Highland cows.

And a nice fun green smoothie from Miss Organic's Kitchen. The nice thing about this one is I happen to have almost everything it needs on hand already. Some of the healthy "green" smoothies require special health food store type ingredients, but these are typical groceries that we buy weekly.

For dessert, I'm also going to keep it simple. I've always wanted to make a Grasshopper pie, and never have, even though they seem pretty simple. I think I'd make this one even easier buy using a premade chocolate cookie crust.

Another possibility is sugar cookies bars, decorated like these, only using green frosting, which I think would be really cute with the lattice decoration. When I was younger, we often made shamrock sugar cookie cutouts with green frosting, but this will save the chilling, rolling and more detailed frosting time.

Or we might just have some Girl Scout Thin Mints!


  1. Thank you for featuring my Leprechaun Juice! Looks like you are going to have a fun St. Patrick's Day. I am still planning out the menu for ours. I love that it's on a Saturday this year.

    1. Me too, that makes it much easier to do something fun for the kids!

  2. Thank you for including my ideas!! Hope the simple ideas are helpful :)

  3. Thank you for including me in your links!


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